'Who Dares Wins' was also a fairly poor film from 1982, starring Lewis Collins, fresh from The Professionals. This was Collins' one and only brush with mainstream success; whilst Martin Shaw went on to a further career in television Collins seemed to vanish after this.

The film concerns the misadventures of a militant environmental terrorist group and the SAS soldier sent to stop them (although throughout the film Collins' character seems to be more of a low-rent James Bond). It was originally to have been called 'The Final Option', and it was under this title that it was released in the US of Stateside, but the successful SAS hostage rescue at the Iranian Embassy in London in 1981 gave the producers a fresh commercial hook, and the SAS connection was played up for all it was worth. Thus, the promotional copy promised that the film would lay bare the 'secrets' of the SAS. It's for this, and the fact that it was the last outing for Lewis Collins' awful proto-pudding haircut that it's remembered nowadays.

Currently it's available on DVD, but unfortunately not in widescreen.