The motto of the British Special Air Service, more commonly known as The SAS, the élite fighting unit of the British Army and one of the first tactical special forces units formed in the world.

Perhaps equally famously, at least in the UK, the motto was adopted by David Jason's character Del Boy in the BBC comedy series Only Fools And Horses. In my mind, when I hear this motto I'm more likely to think of Del Boy taking a cigar out his mouth and saying "He who dares wins, Rodney" then I am of commandos running around Ulster or Iraq.

Just as "Who Dares Wins" is the motto of the SAS, the sister "regiment" SBS's motto is "Not by stength, by guile", perfectly outlining the use of special forces in warfare.

'Who Dares Wins' was also a fairly poor film from 1982, starring Lewis Collins, fresh from The Professionals. This was Collins' one and only brush with mainstream success; whilst Martin Shaw went on to a further career in television Collins seemed to vanish after this.

The film concerns the misadventures of a militant environmental terrorist group and the SAS soldier sent to stop them (although throughout the film Collins' character seems to be more of a low-rent James Bond). It was originally to have been called 'The Final Option', and it was under this title that it was released in the US of Stateside, but the successful SAS hostage rescue at the Iranian Embassy in London in 1981 gave the producers a fresh commercial hook, and the SAS connection was played up for all it was worth. Thus, the promotional copy promised that the film would lay bare the 'secrets' of the SAS. It's for this, and the fact that it was the last outing for Lewis Collins' awful proto-pudding haircut that it's remembered nowadays.

Currently it's available on DVD, but unfortunately not in widescreen.

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What, you want to hear another story about that dump? I guess since I told you about it you're bound to want to know what happens next, huh? I'll tell you about where I went next, the cafeteria where I used to eat my meals when I was stationed there. From what I remember this was one of the first times I actually ran into other people, come to think of it. I actually dealt with these guys pretty well, hell, I even did it the honest way this time! The right way usually isn't the easy way, I'm glad this time it actually was.

I carried my quarry on my back, the topheavy pack shifting across my shoulders as I walked down the stairs from the conex. After a quick look down the alley I decided it was safe and walked down the paved street, a look of satisfaction spread across my face while I walked toward the DFAC in hopes of scavenging a meal. I had a bit of food with me in my pack, but decided the best option possible would be to use my reserve only in emergencies.

I walked up the short slope toward the dining hall, once full of people, always with a meters long line outside waiting for food. After pushing the rusted doors open I walked cautiously inside, noticing footprints in the caked dust. I pulled my pistol out of its holster and held it at the ready in the event of confrontation as I walked into the main hall. After I'd cleared my way around the corner I set my bag full of loot under the counter so I could maintain what element of stealth I had. I walked through the hall loading my pistol as I backed into the pantry to find what preserved goods I could.

Walking into the larder the footsteps grew more varied and frequent, one pair of them looked surprisingly big, I knew I was either going to have to negotiate or survive one hell of a firefight. I peered around the corner for a quick moment and noticed three rifles propped against the wall, I wasn't going to risk it today, a meal wasn't worth a stacked fight for survival. I stepped cautiously around the corner and held my pistol down, pointing it toward the floor before saying a quick hello.
"What do you want?"
"I was wondering if you wanted to trade for some of that food."
"Whatchu got?"
"Some loot and some cash, not a whole lot else."
"Three bucks a can, take it or leave it"
After rummaging through my pockets I found a couple of $5 bills and handed them over in exchange for a few cans of mixed carrots, peas, and corn. Walking to my pack I heard footsteps following me and instinctively wheeled around to face my stalker, pistol still pointed to the floor. The stalker backed away several steps after I slowly and deliberately pulled the hammer of my pistol back to show my intent, I wasn't going to pay and then take trouble from some local squatter for a meal. Stepping back toward my pack, I pulled it up onto my back and shuffled forward slowly, ensuring the man in front of me was on his way out. Walking out toward the exit I noticed I was no longer being followed, but to ensure my security I wedged the door shut before moving on.

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