Social (or academic) organizations which use a Greek-alphabet based naming system. In order to drive this point home, (male) pledges are generally expected to have the Greek Alphabet memorized utterly--in order to ensure this, pledges are expected to recite the entire alphabet no less than three times while holding a burning match. If they haven't finished, then their fingers get burned.

Other rituals are not dissimilar to military induction (read: boot camp); which are psychologically designed to break down the individual ego, and ensure allegiance to the organization. Without this bonding ritual (See: rites of passage), fraternities generally aren't cohesive. This is the real reason for hazing--and the real reason it'll continue despite efforts from the left to eradicate it. Perhaps this explains the effeminate nature of men in NEUS, that is lack of male initiation rituals.

I was a Theta Chi.