Today was my anniversary and I felt that I should at the very least write what I did today or do some sort of tribute to my wife. I’m always at a loss for words when it comes to her though. It’s only been one year since we’ve been together and yet I feel like I have been with her my entire life. Not in a bad way mind you. An eternity with her would be a comical heaven.

We met, of all places, online. A friend of ours whom we double dated with once said that only desperados seek out their mates online. Perhaps so. I probably fall into the category of a desperado as I am “out ridin’ fences” everyday. My wife on the other hand is just a game of chance that I got lucky enough to win. We lived in two different countries and found each other across 8,000 miles of earth, well going the short way.

She came to visit me. We instantly connected and I pledged my love to her. I sold all my valuables, applied for my 2nd passport, and flew to a new country and a new life to be with her. Any one who has ever been married will refer to the 1st year of marriage as your honeymoon stage. It’s when everything seems ideal and you really start getting to know your spouse. You learn their quirks, you learn their habits and you pray that they haven’t picked up on yours. Besides, she’ll never notice that you drink out of the carton anyway.

My wife is very athletic and constantly says she is fat. “You ride 40 ks a day just to work and back not to mention the training rides you go on after you get home and you think you’re fat?” I tell her. Not every woman thinks she is fat, believe me, but I have seem to end up with one of those wives who asks if her butt looks big in that.
She’s incredible, though. She introduced me to a whole new world. She made me a part of a family, something I’ve always desperately wanted. My family has never been really close and we only seem to come together in times of tragedy and outrage. Now I have a family I know I can come to regardless of what is happening to the whole. She gave that to me.

Today, for our anniversary, she took off of work and we went for a 6 hour bike ride through the Australian countryside. Doesn’t sound romantic, I know, but for two cycling enthusiast like ourselves we enjoyed every second of it. We came home and had a carpet picnic and enjoyed a nice white wine and some lovely seafood alfredo. Even on our anniversary we bulk up on the carbs. We read our cycling magazines and dreamt about the Tour De France only a few months away and how one day we were going to see the whole thing live. For us, the day had been ideal and we couldn’t of dreamed of spending our first anniversary any other way.