I woke up this morning from a surreal nightmare. It disturbed me to the extent of earning its place as my first dream to be noded.

My old friend, James, and I, along with his friend, Tom (who didn't seem to correspond to anyone I know in real life) were going to see a movie. For some reason, we had travelled to a somewhat distant city (I had the impression that it was Columbus, Ohio, but had nothing on which to base that assumption), presumably to see this movie. The film itself was nothing remarkable; I recall it being some kind of dark, fantasy flick. At one point someone was teaching a bunch of small children how to kill certain demons and other evil creatures, but they ended up enjoying this, and became oddly sadistic. The theater was very old; like a small opera house, and had a balcony in it. Admission to the balcony was apparently free, and my friends and I sat down up there to talk for a while before leaving. The three of us were oblivious as the lower seats started to fill for the next show. As the theater filled, we noticed that the crowd seemed to be made up of stereotypical "punks" and "goths"--all were wearing dark clothing, and many had leather jackets, multicolored hair, multiple facial piercings, or combinations thereof. As the show started, we realized it was not a movie, but a series called "Fuck you.", a vaguely MTV style show targeted at the "rebellious teenager" audience, and which was so controversial, no network would air it, so it could only be seen in certain urban theaters.

This is where it got scary...

Partway into the show, the projectors suddenly shut down. The crowd, which had been shouting and cheering at the sex, drugs, violence, and other parentally unnapproved images, suddenly died down to an irritated murmer. From the balcony, I noticed large, strange looking curtains closing along the side walls. They were heavy, hinged curtains made of metal and bulletproof glass, and were sealing off all of the exits. As the doors were about to be blocked off, several men stormed in, wearing expressionless faces and bright blue trenchcoats. The were all heavily armed, and one, carrying a very large and scary machinegun, calmly walked to the front of the theater and wiped out the entire front row of viewers with a single wave of his gun.

As the others moved along the sides, picking off anyone who dared to panic, the man in front began barking orders in a cold, electronic voice. Everyone was to remain seated. One row at a time, they were to line up, single file, and line up against the back wall. Men would walk by the line with garbage bags, and everyone was to empty their pockets into them. It seemed a little elaboratefor such a "robbery". The main in front droned on, saying that this would happen again at the next three shows that day. I found it a little unusual that he would tell us all that, but at this point, escape was a higher priority.

The men hadn't seemed to notice that there was a balcony, and the people up there had not been seen yet. My friends and I managed to sneak down to an exit, which was not blocked. As we were about to sneak out, we noticed people being led out the door, in a single file line. We casually blended into the line, and tossed a few things into the bags as we passed them to avoid drawing attention. Somehow, we managed to slip out of the line as it was led outside, and hide behind a fence, which surrounded the parking lot. Catching our breath for a moment, we noticed there were several semi-trucks lined up nearby, and the people were being led towards them. It suddenly hit me why the man had not worried about telling everyone they would be back for the next three shows. This wasn't a robbery. It was an organized and systematic genocide.

At this point I began to wake up, and some of the unknowable details drifted into my mind. I would never know the who or why, only that this was a massive, nationwide holocaust. The powers-that-be had decided to wipe out the "overly rebellious" teenagers of America.