This node taken from "The Best of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader"

The Sighting: Jesus in a forkful of spaghetti, Stone Mountain, Georgia.
Revelation: Joyce Simpson, an Atlanta fashion designer, was pulling out of a gas station in Stone Mountain when she saw the face of Jesus in a forkful of spaghetti on a billboard advertising Pizza Hut's pasta menu. Simpson says at the time she was trying to decide whether to stay in the church choir or quit and sing professionally. (She decided to stick with the choir).
Impact: Since the sighting, dozons of other people called Pizza Hut to say that they, too, had seen someone in the spaghetti. But not all the callers agreed that the man in the spaghetti was Jesus; some saw Doors singer Jim Morrison; others saw country star Willie Nelson.

The Sighting: Jesus in a tortilla, Lake Arthur, New Mexico.
Revelation: On October 5, 1977, Maria Rubio was making burritos for her husband when she noticed a 3-by-3-inch face of Jesus burned into the tortilla she was cooking. Local priests argued that the image was only a coincidence, but the Rubio family's faith was unshaken. They saved the tortilla, framed it, and built a shrine for it in their living room.
Impact: To date more than 11,000 people have visited it.

The Sighting: Jesus on a soybean oil tank, Fostoria, Ohio
Revelation: Rita Rachen was driving home from work along Ohio Route 12 one night in 1986 when she saw the image of Jesus with a small child on the side of an Archer Daniels Midland Company oil tank containing soybean oil. She screamed "Oh, my Lord, my God!" and nearly drove off the side of the road, but recovered enough to continue driving.
Impact: She spread the word to other faithful, and the soybean tank became a popular pilgrimage site. (since then, however, the oil tank has been repainted. Jesus is no longer visible.)

The Sighting: Jesus on the side of a refrigerator, Estill Springs, Tennessee.
Revelation: When Arlene Gardner bought a new refrigerator, she had the old one dragged out onto her front porch. A few nights later, she noticed that several of her neihbors were standing around staring at the old fridge. They told her that the reflection from a neighbor's porch light had created an image of Jesus on the side of the refrigerator. Gardner took a look and agreed.
Impact: Soon thousands of faithful were making pilgrimages to the site... so many, in fact, that Gardner's neighbors had their porch light disconnected, so Jesus could be seen no more. (Note: Not everyone agreed that Jesus had really made an [appearance; as one local skeptic explained to a reporter, "When the good Lord comes, He won't come on a major appliance.")

The Sighting: A 900 foot Jesus at the City of Faith, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Revelation: This vision, one of the most publicized Jesus sightings ever, came to famed televangelist Oral Roberts on May 25, 1980... but he inexplicably kept it secret for over five months. Then one day he shared his vision and explained what he'd seen to reporters: "He reached down, put His hand under the City of Faith (a city Roberts had built), lifted it, and said to me, 'See how easy it is for me to lift it?'" On January 4, 1987, Robers told his followers that god had apeared again, this time demanding $8 million. Roberts warned that if the money wasn't sent in by March 31, "{God] would call me home."
Impact: Roberts's followers coughed up $9.1 million.