'I found this ages ago, come on; you’ll love it!'

Even though I was carrying the hamper, Laura's little legs couldn't keep up. Her cute pink trainers, that somehow never seemed to smell, were caked in mud.
She looked down at them with raised arms and made that sound that is half way between a sigh and a groan. That was the first time I'd heard her do it out of frustration.

'Charles! What the hell are we doing in a marsh at this time of night? We should be getting back.' It wasn’t night, it was evening; it wasn’t a marsh; it was a forest.

This kind of irrationality called for tact and diplomacy.
I raised one eyebrow and wobbled my head with an air of superiority. I had just enough time to say:

'And I thought you said you were a country girl' before I slipped in the mud.

Never underestimate the power of well timed slapstick.

Laura ran over, she laughed quietly enough not to be rude.
'Are you ok?' she said with her fingers splayed over her mouth, hiding her smile. I pulled her onto my lips, we kissed, her nose on my cheek, her breast grazing my shoulder.

'Mmmah, we have to, aha, move on,' Laura slowly licked my top lip while I was talking. Her eyes told me that she would rather stay here, 'if we don't get there soon; we'll have to go through all this again tomorrow.'

Laura sat back onto her elbows and looked up at me. 'If I have to walk one more step; I shall never have sex with you ever again.' Laura kicked off one of her trainers and traced a line with her toes up to her knee. The hem of her dress fell to her hips and her legs opened.

I can see why she wanted to stay here, that's one of the reasons why the clearing is so special, you have to trample through so much beauty to get there most people settle for second best.

'So, if you're not going to take another step,' I knelt down between her legs, 'and presuming you do want to have sex again,' I undid my belt and put my hands on her hips, she bit her lip on one side and leant her head back, 'then there is only one logical solution...'

I picked Laura up and slung her over my shoulder, grabbed the hamper, and climbed the last hundred metres to the clearing.

'Don't you ever do that again!' I think she was more angry at being turned down, 'and don't expect me to be in the mood any time soon.' I put a finger on my lips and stared at the view behind her until she turned around.

When people first discover beauty; true beauty, their faces fall blank and they hold their heads still.
They are scared that if they move an inch the scene will change and they'll loose it forever. Laura stood transfixed by the scene letting her eyes gracefully fall over every inch of the meadow.

The trees on the horizon had blended into the night sky when I hung the fleece around her neck. She snapped out of the trance and turned back to me. 'Oh its wonderful thank you so much for bringing me, I wish I could stay here forever!'

'I'm glad to hear that; I have something very special for you. Do you want to have a unique experience?' I took her hand and lead her to the fireside. 'In this fire a rare local delicacy is cooking.'

'What is this delicacy called?' Laura already looked sceptical.

'Love Root; it's harvested once every fifty years and must be eaten in this very spot under a full moon, this has been a family secret for as long as time has lasted.'

'You know I don’t like vegetables' Laura didn't believe me, she was going with it for the moment and that was all I needed.

Time to change my tactics, I smiled seductively as though I realised she was playing along, 'If you want to taste some Love Root you'll have to do everything I say,' I crawled around to where she was sitting and whispered, 'no matter what.'

Laura knelt in mock attention, 'I'm yours to command.'

'Good, take off your clothes,' I waited until she had slipped out of the dress before I handed her the blindfold, 'and put this on.'

'Charles! I didn’t know you were so kinky!' Turning her back on me so I could undo her bra she flicked her hair out of the way and tied the ribbons.

'Lie down and let the moss hold every part of your body.' She lay between my legs and shuffled out of her underwear. I stroked her hair so it fanned across the grass

She was a goddess.

I turned away, took some deep breaths, closed my eyes, and plunged both hands deep into the heart of the fire. The flames licked up my arms and torched one side of my face. I couldn't cry out if I did Laura would take off the blindfold. I dug desperately into the scorched earth, bloody skin tore against stone and wood.

'Charles what are you doing? You better not have left me here!' I didn't have much time before she looked around.

My clothes had almost burnt off before my blackened fingers clutched the blubbery mass, its dried veins sprawled uselessly through my talons as it trembled in my palm.

I knelt down so that my legs were on either side of her chest. 'Are you comfortable?' I asked, she nodded, 'then open wide.'

I clawed through the root’s freckled skin until I got to the heart of it. I held the pulp in my charcoaled hands and squeezed the thick glistening blood into her waiting mouth.

She screamed. I threw myself onto her writhing naked body.

From where I lay I could see the first vines pierce her breasts and arms. The soiled tendrils pushed into her body until beads of blood seeped from the wounds. Then, when the skin finally broke, they slid all the way up to the ribs, with no effort at all. Laura thrashed and bellowed with all her strength, lifting herself from the ground only to be pulled back.

The vines had taken hold, I could let go. The plant was in Laura, she couldn't resist any more.
Fibrous stems crept along her muscles, her skin became silvery bark, sap filled her veins and roots grew from her scalp.

I listened until her scream became wind rustling through leaves and her chest became the meadow, dark and moist.

I held Laura, foetal, in my wooden arms.

Being germinated is a traumatic experience.

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