The name of a popular chain of internet cafés in Japan, open around the clock and main features being internet and comics (or manga), the later perhaps what draws the most people, especially combined with airconditioning and free drink bar. Each computer is in a small cubicle (about 1x1,5m), some cubicles without other features, some with DVD players, televisions, various video games consoles, etc. There are also cubicles for two to four people with only televisions and video game equipment, of which some has tatami mats and cushions instead of chairs.

After getting a membership, the customer picks a seat by choosing a magnet, marking an unoccupied cubicle, from a map of the cubicles in the café. After being sent on his way with three or four voices going "Goyukkuri douzo!" in chorus, the customer is free to settle down in his/her cubicle, get something to drink, and choose from a vast selection of DVDs, comics, magazines and video games. Using an interphone the customer can also order cheap food, such as toast set (served 6:00-11:00, ¥100), Japanese style lunch tray (served 11:00-15:00, ¥380), and mixed snack tray (Japanese snacks and caramels or corn snacks, popcorn and chips, ¥180).

Can easily be spotted by its trademark orange color and the logos featuring the FREAKS mascot, a superhero-like cartoon character dressed in blue and red.

The standard price as of now for one hour is ¥450, but the are loads of halfprice days, discounts and such. For instance, there's the night pack (7 hours, ¥1750), the 3 and 6 hour packs (¥980 respectively ¥1600), the ladies' day (once a week, halfprice for women), the students' day (once every now and then, halfprice for students), the days when those who own a FREAKS cell phone strap get the first hour for ¥105... you get the picture. The personnel tend to randomly give out discount coupons (the ones I've recieved either on ¥50 or ¥300) and "Goods Get Campaign" cards (your card is stamped each time you visit a FREAKS; after two stamps you get a FREAKS cell phone strap, after four a FREAKS fan, and so on).

Overall a very nice place, I'd probably come here even if I did own a computer. Could do without the elevator music though.