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Ivory Tower vagaries, political economy, electronic music, dead baby jokes
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Arrow's Impossibility Theorem
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God gave me a gift. It wasn't personality. It wasn't athleticism. It wasn't friendliness. It wasn't sociability. It wasn't congeniality. It wasn't optimism. It wasn't Work Ethic. It was intelligence. It was articulation. It was humility. That's why I'm here. That's why I'm not out being a "Normal Teenager". That's why I don't do drugs. That's why I'm a pacifist
So There.
Real Name: Kason Kimberley
AOL/AIM: kasonk
Always open for criticism because I REALLY deserve it.

It was 8.3 months of noding to reach level two (January 5, 2001).

I can't rightfully argue that I'm not a status-monger.
My nick comes about from the fact that I like to spin Ambient and Minimalist music.
So if you ever hear any stuff from DJ Antisonic, that's me.

I'm a high school sophomore at Whitehouse High School outside of Tyler, TX, aka rose capital of the world.
I'm sorry to inform you that just about every stereotype of a Texan is true here.

I enjoy philosophy and political theory as much as a semi-Publically Educated hick from Texas can.
If you would be interested in mentoring me on e2, I'm quite interested in being apprenticed.

I'm a generally uninteresting person, so interesting writeups are a bit hard to come by for me.

/me misses sensei

Chicane, Aphex Twin, George Acosta, Paul Oakenfold, Smashing Pumpkins
Sasha, Paul Van Dyk, Caroline's Spine, Radiohead, Jewel, Tori Amos, DJ Tiesto, John Digweed
Ben Folds Five, John Lennon, Orbital, Art of Trance, Tangerine Dream, Goo Goo Dolls, Steve Roach, MXPX, Nirvana, BT.