Australian term for grape-based paintstripper that is the preferred method of suicide for alcoholics and uni students, also known as in Australian slang as goon.

Cask wine is sold in a superfluous cardboard box lined with a handy 2 to 4 litre silver bladder or "goon bag". The wine is accessed through a plastic nozzle on the side of the bladder, which both negates the need for a wine glass and corkscrew, and allows the quaffer to avoid the heady aroma of the liquid within. The simple fact that the offensive liquid comes in a bladder to begin with raises further concerns of its dubious origins. The inflated bag makes a convenient pillow.

Whilst many are initially lured towards goon by its promise of cheap, strong drinks and novelty packaging, few can resist the Bacchanalian pleasure of imbibing a potion of booze from a plastic bag. Advanced goonsters often amaze partygoers with the deadly game Wheel Of Goon; and in classy bogan fashion, smuggle the silvery bag wherever they choose by placing the bag down their trousers with the plastic nozzle hanging out of their fly.

Wine from a box is not uniquely Australian, but the fact that cask wine sales represent around 70% of total wine sales (by quantity) in Australia, suggests that although Australia produces some of the best wine in the world, most people Down Under are drinking the lees.