Creamy Mami (The full name is Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami, or Magical Angel Creamy Mami) was one of the seminal Mahou shoujo anime. It started its' run in 1983, and was the first of the Studio Pierrot magical girl shows. Our story begins when our protagonist Morisawa Yuu (all names are in Japanese style ), a young girl about 10 years old sees a strange light in the sky, and goes to investigate. She finds out it is a boat from the Feather star, the world of dreams. A small alien called Pinopino gives her a wand that she can use for one year, and two kitty like aliens called Pogi and Nega to help her.

Soon there after, she uses her wand to transform into a 15 year old girl, and after filling in for a famous star ( her soon rival Ayase Megumi ) becomes an instant pop sensation. She has to keep her identity secret, struggle with pop stardom and deal with Toshio, the guy she likes liking Mami better than her.

This series has become popular all over the world-in Japan and in Europe, anyway, and is a long series at 52 episodes. It also spawned an OVA called "The Long Good-bye," and a movie Creamy Mami: Eien no Once More or Creamy Mami, Eternal Once More. Also, there is a rumored sequel-Creamy Mami Again, rumored to be released in 2002, maybe.

Also, Fancy Lala, also made by Studio Pierrot, is said to be a homage, and also has character designs by Takada Akemi, also character designer for Kimagure Orange Road. Creamy Mami has significance in anime history, because it brought a new verve to the wish fulfillment mahou shoujo (Like Fancy Lala, Hime-chan's Ribbon). You can buy the Japanese DVD sets or look on the web for fansubs.