Rant In Html

I need one weekend of true fun
no Work, no School
No worrying about anything
No drunkeness, no depression, no commitments, no Responsibilities
No Parents to explain what i need to be doing and why its no so goddamn bad
I need a girlfriend, someone who Loves me, who understands me better than I do


who cares about me non-superficially
Some girl with extreem caring and kindness, without complaints and nagging

And Relaxation

Laying in Bed

No cares in the World
No ONE to answer to
No ONE bothering me

Laying in Bed All Day

Getting UP and not having to eat... eating is so Boring sometimes
I Just DON't have the time for it

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just wanna lay in a hammok in the sun by the lake, exhale, fall asleep, wake up unabandoned, wanted, needed, unrejected, no more"lets just be friends", do you know how many times ive heard that. what the fuck. fucking mullets are ugly, jeez, who needs it all, i need to run away, find a new place, a place without modern supperficial commercialism and greed and envy and violence and curruption and assholes, and stupid people, free of worldly shit in its entirety, free of nazis and morons and fuckers, and shitty ass honda accords with after market mufflers(that muffle only the sound of shitty shallow materialistic music blairing from unnessarily large low range speakers), and rainforestrapeingfoodindustrybeefwhores

-Ranting by Aaron G. 6/03