This game is absolutely rife with zany quotes. Here's a few examples:

"Have you ever sat on a piece of Gothic architecture for two hundred years? Gets right up your arse, you know. I thought it was time to move onto a bridge, say. And I'm not moving now."
"Isn't it a little early in the day to be discussing Gothic architecture?" - Our hero Conker, talking with a large, irritable, sore-bottomed gargoyle blocking the path.

"Duct tape? I'll give him a duct tape! ****ing arsehole... I'll bring him down here, I'll show him where ze duct tape is, I'll show him where to stuff it!" - Resident mad scientist weasel known as "Zer Professor", obviously annoyed over the latest inane assignment he's gotten from the Panther King.

"I'm gonna take my big bone, and smash that puny squirrel!" - Buga the Knut, big jealous caveman guy with enormous bone club and a supposedly "big boner", threatening our hero after he catches the eye of Buga's best girl Jugga.

"I can't be arsed with this bloody ridiculous contraption! Whose idea was this anyway?" - Gregg, diminutive Grim Reaper-type, having trouble with the loudspeaker he uses to overcome his naturally squeaky voice.

With this kind of insanity, who needs Engrish-laden meme farms like Zero Wing?