As the American season of junkyard wars comes to a close this evening I'm unhappy to announce the winners to be the Brothers Long. Unhappy you ask? Well, I've been rooting for the Art Attacks. They may not have been the most effective team, they may not have been the most innovative team, and they may not have had the best engineering skills -- but they were very artistic people. Each invention of theirs was finely painted and something beautiful to look at. The long brothers on the other hand used their farm-born know-how to shove together something that worked and ignored the artistic sides of things.

The final challenge was to launch an egg as high as possible without breaking it. I'm not going to detail the challenge too much since those who are interested will probably watch it, and the rest of you won't care -- but what is neat is how the Art Attacks dealt with the situation, not just the problem. The rocket was beautifully painted once the design and construction was finished, and the Art Attacks danced around the rocket singing "O-Christmas-Tree". Later they play-worshipped the rocket. They had fun with the situation. The Brothers Long made this into a business affair. Their difference in attitude to me made my choice for winner preference incredibly easy. Your spirit must be free before your rocket can soar.