This type of candy includes such things as taffy and fruit gels and gummies. As opposed to hard candy.

Unlike the nearly uniform surface of hard candies, the textures and consistencies of soft candies can vary wildly, from hard to chew to very soft and from relatively stick-free to something that seems to bond with your teeth.

In the hard to chew and sticky category are such things as Abba Zabba and Now and Later candies.

Some of the gummy candies would fall under the hard to chew and non-stick, such as the gummy fried eggs.

Into the soft and sticky range fall most salt water taffies like Laffy Taffy, and especially the ones found at Halloween with the black or orange wrappers and peanut butter inside and most of the gummies, including gummy bears, Swedish fish and the ever-popular gummy worms. This is by far the most commonly found type of soft candy.

And in the soft and non-stick fall most chewing gums and some bubble gums, such as Bubble Tape, the caramel part of a PayDay bar, and a few of the gummies, mostly of the sour variety, which tend to have a lot of sweet-sour powder dusting their surfaces.