A triple ginseng tea from SoBe. Along with Karma, it is part of the Enlightenment line. Most of the SoBe teas are under the 3G Teas line and are Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea and Lemon Tea.

This is a mild cold tea with just a hint of sweetness and is altogether quite pleasant. It is my favorite of their teas and my second favorite of the entire SoBe drink line.

There is no special blurb on the back of the Zen Blend bottle, the neck of which is graced with the familiar lizards, merely the standard text, which reads:

All SoBe beverages are specially formulated to uplift the mind, body and spirit with exotic teas and juice blends whose health benefits have been enhanced by the addition of herbs, nutrients and other natural supplements.
This is somewhat reminiscent of what Snapple has to say about their own drink line, only Snapple uses mild preservatives and some not-entirely-natural colors.

And now, without further delay, is the ingredients list:

filtered water, high fructose corn syrup, tea solids, citric acid, natural flavor, grape juice concentrate, ascorbic acid, caramel color, schizandra berry extract, american ginseng extract, siberian ginseng extract and panax ginseng extract
Is it good for you? The jury is still out, but here, for your edification, are the Nutrition Facts: I think this is about as close to tasty water as it comes, with only 250 calories for the entire bottle.