In October 2002 the expansion set Onslaught for Magic: The Gathering was released. It is a set of 350 cards, 110 rares, 110 uncommons, 110 commons and 20 basic lands, and the expansion symbol is like a four legged M. The standard identification of rarity color scheme is used - a black symbol for commons, silver for uncommons, and gold for rares. There are also premium foil cards in the occasional booster, with a foil version of each card in the set. Four preconstructed decks are available: Bait & Switch, Celestial Assault, Devastation, and Ivory Doom. Celestial Assult is my personal favorite, and I've slightly modified it for the better. I almost feel connected to those cards.

A new game mechanic is introduced in this set. Morphing allows cards to be played as a 2/2 creature with no color, abilities, or creature type. The casting cost to play this morphed creature is 3 colorless mana. It's gameplay mechanic is based off Illusory Mask, and now many creatures in this new set weild this ability. The beauty of this system is that these creatures come out of your hand face down on the field! Your opponent wouldn't know the difference between a 2/1 and a 7/6 creature. Morphing could be great against counterspells, for the counterspell could be wasted on a lesser creature. The main objective is to confuse your opponent; it's all about the poker face.

The cycling ability has also been added to this set. Unlike prior sets, where cycling would always cost 2 colorless mana, Onslaught has different cycling costs for different spells. Also, dual creature types are emphasized and properly suggested in type creature decks and Tribal Cards of Onslaught. Fear is brought back as a creature ability. Finally, Chain Spells link spells to other people, allowing it to be cast several times.

The Battle for the Mirari has ended, and Kamahl claims the powerful artifact in the Krosan Forest. The time has come for a massive clash, possibly resulting in Kamahl's defeat, the end of Otaria, Camal's continent, or even the end of the world...

Below are all the cards alphabetized by color and rarity:

Artifact (6)

Black (61)

Blue (61)

Green (61)

Red (61)

White (61)

Land (39)


Good luck to you and your Tragic: the Addiction collections, I mean, Magic: the Gathering...