Today was a very typical day.

I was spent from persuing "alternative love interests" from my adventures yesturday, and I decided to miss my morning lecture and sleep in: much to the disgust of my present girlfriend who had to walk to class (because I wasn't there to pick her up) in the Minnesotan bitter cold. Ah well.

I made it to my next class and met my girfriend and a mutual friend of ours after class for lunch. She was noticably distant and she said she felt sick. No doubt, because she looked horrible...although that still is a tint of cute for her. We ate at an expensive resturant in honor of nothing (hell, it is my right as being an American with a high degree of disposable income to over-spend and over-order food!).

Even with a good meal in front of her she found something wrong with it. Figures. I dropped her off and wallowed in the gloom of it all. I am looking forward to my next relationship already.

Girls are a funny thing, however...

...after I returned from a typical day at the office she had e-mailed me a number of messages. All sappy, all, "I love you, I want to be with you." It is strage how people can be distant when they are near, and so needy when they are distant. I have a strong dislike for instability. Speaking of which:

The market sucks...

...but ADCT is undervalued. Buy more today!

I visited my Dad's house to watch the Vikings came with him. A cooler-than-cool sales manger named Bobby was also there. I like that guy, his is a smooth one. The Vikings won. Now this town can go back to loving the home team until they loose again. Minnesotans are strange. Keep those purple flags flying, fools!

I have two band-issued tickets to Dave Matthews...

...and I am going with my brother on Sunday. screw my girlfriend, she is only into boy bands and Christian Rock. So very one-dimensional. Yet another reason as to why I am going to leave her soon.