"Pop", in skateboarder terms, is... well, something that varies in definition from person to person. Big Alba defined it as both an action and a result, but previously I had mostly heard it used to describe something about the deck itself.

What? It depends, but mostly strength. Not durability... just strength.

For example, two days previous Dave S. had blown $180 buying a new board. New deck, new trucks, new everything. Today we were standing around by the stairs, watching him fooling around with it. A couple of teachers filed by, chuckling paternally, on their way to have a smoke. We all agreed with what his friend Toby said: that board had great "pop."

Right then, Dave S. landed from a particularly half-assed ollie and the board snapped neatly in half. He literally went apeshit; 'went' in the sense of 'said', as he started hopping around and screaming profanities, mostly centering around monkeys and their feces.

So, "pop" apparently refers to a board's ability to snap in half. While we were doubled over with laughter, our physics teacher nearby suggested he just make a new board out of a two by four.

Makes me wonder why he had to buy a new one. Did his old board have pop, too?