Over the past few thousand years, engineering and science have become a religion of their own.

Think of it this way. What does a religion have? Laws, tenets, prophets, creation, destruction, and usually theories of life and death. What do science and engineering lack that other religions have?

In my opinion, nothing.

We have Newton's Laws, the Theory of Relativity, thermodynamics, aerodynamics, chemistry, physics, quantum mechanics, and too many more to list here. We have theories on how man was created. We have Darwin's Theory, the "Big Bang" theory, the inevitable heat death of the universe (a quiet apocolypse) evolution, and DNA.

Our theories on life and death can be summed up with 3 things - Conservation of Mass, Conservation of Energy, and e=mc^2.

Think of it this way.. you die. You get buried. The energy trapped in your cells enriches the soil. Flowers bloom in the soil. Bees collect pollen from those flowers, and make it into honey. A bear swats down the beehive and eats that honey. Now your energy is part of that bear, part of what keeps it alive.

We have prophets - Aristotle, Socrates, Einstein, Euclid, Kepler, Darwin, Curie, Goddard, and hundreds and hundreds more. Men and women who have explained "unseen forces" like gravity, and electromagnetism, who have theorized on time and space and the universe.

We have books of knowledge - in the form of text books. We have services in the form of seminars and lectures.

I am not less spiritual than you.
I do not lack morality.
My worship is learning and knowledge.
Cease your preaching. Your senseless debates. I am not less of a person because I don't follow an old religion. I follow a new religion - science. I'm tired of being judged because I was brought up differently than you.

The next time I get asked, "So, what religion are you?", rather than sweating out an answer like "I'm agnostic" or "I'm an atheist", I think I'll just answer

"I'm an engineer"

and leave it at that.

<--"Mathmatics is the language with which God wrote the Universe." - Galileo-->