Battle of the French Revolutionary Wars (the War of the Second Coalition) near Alessandria on 14 June 1800, between the Austrian Army of Italy (commanded by General Michael Melas) and French forces commanded by the First Consul of the Republic, one Napoleon Bonaparte. The Austrian attack was initially successful against Napoleon's scattered forces, but the French carried out a 5 km fighting retreat while they reorganised and brought up reinforcements, and the Austrians failed to push home their advantage when the battle seemed won. A surprise counter-attack by French heavy cavalry under Kellermann was met by the impromptu surrender of the leading Austrian troops and the Austrian second in command, General Zach, was captured. The main body of Austrians were all but routed and ended the day back at their starting positions. The Austrians suffered some 6500 casualties and 4000 captured to the French 4500 dead and wounded. The battle rapidly led to the Austrians suing for peace, leaving the French in control of Northern Italy, and strengthened Bonaparte's position domestically.