First of all it's my fiancees birthday today. Second, I'm supposed to meet her in 15 minutes. Third, I don't have a present for her (And no, I didn't forget, the present I was going to get for her just didn't work out, I found out about that 30 minutes ago.) And why am I sitting here noding instead of running around in shops frantically looking for a present? Well I'm at work, and cannot leave before a person confirming my order for a important order calls. So here I am stuck at work trying to figure out what I'm going to say to my fiancee. Just one of those days, makes you wish you hadn't gotten out of bed at all. I'll fill you in on how everything went later, if my fiancee hasnt killed me before that.

Well, end is well, all is well I guess. Just got home, my fiancee left to have dinner with her parents. (They didn't want me around, her father is ok, but her mother practically hates me. But that's another story alltogether and would only lead to a long personal rant, so I'll leave that to another time) Managed to cover for the lack of a gift by buying her a fancy lunch at a expensive restaurant and a bouquet of flowers bought about 10 seconds before I met her. Turned out to be a pretty nice day after all, against all signs, just proves that you shouldnt get depressed if things go wrong. After all EVERYTHING can't go wrong, just keep trying and eventually SOMETHING will work out the way you want it to.

Now I'll just see how the elections in the states go and see if more things go they way I want them to...