The term "regalia" has also been used with reference to Druidic tools and garb.

The regalia is used as a "costume" to put the magician in the correct ritual frame of mind, invoking his magickal personality.

Druidic regalia includes not only clothing and jewelry, but any specific magickal tools or symbols beyond the basic ritual set. The original 13 pieces of sacred regalia for british druids were:

  1. Sword of Caliburn
  2. Horn of Bran
  3. Mantle of Arthur
  4. Ring of Gortigen
  5. Wand of Math
  6. The Lifeboard of Gwenddolau
  7. Stone of Destiny
  8. Cleric's Bowl
  9. Staff of Seasons
  10. Mirror of Atmu
  11. Harp of Ceraunnos
  12. Cauldron of Cerridwen
  13. Spear of Llew

Note: This list comes from Douglas Monroe's 21 Lessons of Merlyn. Discrepancies on interpretation, spelling, and historical accuracy are likely to arise, as with all obscure celtic mythology.

Other ritual gear in shamanic and druidic traditions include:

  • The ritual mask
  • Face and body paint
  • Shields
  • Helm/ wizard's hat
  • The pipe
  • Necklaces (usually bearing a rune)
  • Musical instruments of all kinds