A type of thought form magicians use in astral work and rituals.

The magickal personality consists of an archetype(or combination of archetypes) that sums up everything the practitioner strives to be. This personality replaces that of the practitioner’s when they communicate with spirits

Usually the magickal personality is given a name separate from that of the person. Some people carefully contrive their magickal name. Creating your own name usually requires great attention to the symbolism of the name, both in its meaning and its pronunciation. Working with runes and sigils is also effective in creating a name.

Others receive their names from some source outside their conscious mind. This can happen spontaneously in a meaningful dream or an unexpected flash of lucidity. Often the practitioner goes into a meditative state and asks to receive the name.

Druids and other magicians who attest to the power of the magickal personality insist that once the name is assumed it be kept secret. They warn against giving the name out to others. Supposedly if someone finds out your true name, then they have complete power over you (see Rumpel-stilts-kin).

Like the name, the image of the personality can be either carefully crafted or received through visions/dreams.

When crafting an image, the practitioner must take into account the aspects of their personality they want to emphasize and figure out how to physicalize them, much as an actor develops a character. The figure should be humanoid, though it can be a shapeshifter that takes on one or more animal forms. Alternatively it can have animalistic characteristics like tusks or hooves. It can be tall or short, of any size or build, but it must be representative of the magician’s true nature.

This vision can also come naturally to the practitioner when they begin to work in the astral realm. As one’s spirit becomes separate from one’s body, often the spirit acquires its own image. Sometimes the image will be what the practitioner looks like in his/her dreams, and sometimes it will be a seemingly separate entity that speaks to them in their dreams.

Once the magickal personality is well-defined it can begin to be put to use. Whenever the practitioner intends to perform a spell or ritual they should assume this personality. Also, it is generally advised that they not assume this personality during their day-to-day life. The personality is an archetype, a carefully associated image designed to have a powerful effect on the psyche. Overuse will wear out all the emotional energy of the thought form.

To assume this personality the magician may do one or a combination of many techniques. They may chant their personality’s name or write the sigilized or runic form. They may create an appropriate mask or an entire costume to wear during ritual. They may do a guided visualization to get them in the proper state of mind. They may listen to a certain piece of music or light a particular type of incense. They may put on a symbolic piece of jewelry. They may go into the astral state and become the image.

The intended effect of using a magickal personality as an intermediary to the spirit world is to be able to transcend the mundane bounds of your everyday personality; to be able to invoke greater daemons without feeling pretentious and speak aloud to faeries without feeling stupid.

The magickal personality is also a very useful psychological tool. Uncovering and assuming your magickal personality is in many ways the same as Jung’s process of individuation: the magickal personality is really an expression of your subconscious, and embodying these qualities is psychologically fulfilling on a fundamental level.

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