Like all plants, the tumbleweed does not really have a destination to go to. But there is a reason for its seemingly constant traveling.

Other than to be seen in a Western movie, these plants have the universal goal of spreading their seeds.

Once its seeds are ripe, a layer of cells in the stem of the plant weaken, and it breaks cleanly away. At this stage, the tumbleweed is almost a perfect ball with about 250,000 seeds stored inside. The wind then takes control of the weed. The ball is designed so that when the plant hits the ground as it tumbles along, it bounces and it won’t lose all of its valuable seeds in just a single bounce.

Eventually something will stop the tumbleweed.... Like a fence, or a shrub, or an old trailer. Like all plants the weeds will eventually break up and rot away.

But tumbleweeds never really die...they just fade away.