I have a lot of author friends who write short articles for websites (like Everything2, for example) and for other blogs, but their own websites look like a tumbleweed-filled ghost town. I've always been a big proponent of recycling everything to get as much use out of it. Unless it is something that is under contract with an exclusivity period, I normally wait a few weeks and then repost the article on my own blog. This way I can get my author name out in front of folks, help friends and websites I promote, and still have something left over to keep my website updated.

A good example is http://www.fictorians.com, where I've been writing articles for a couple of years. It so happens that I'm retiring from the site at the end of this month, but I should have eight articles in the pipeline for them. That means I'll have articles I can repurpose to other places, including here on E2 and over on my author website. It's also a great way to promote other places, and I have a link to E2 because I want to get more eyeballs over here. When you write something you feel is worthy of repeating, consider reposting your work in other places to get more mileage and to help promote traffic to Everything2.

After all, we can't force RedOmega, Silverai_me, and E2D2 to carry the weight of making sure the catbox remains busy. Well, maybe we can make E2D2, but he gets grumpy after a while.

Iron Noder 2017

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