So I quit smoking on the last Sabbath, and already, two days later, I have felt the post-pangs of addiction. For over 8 years I've inhaled 20&25 packs of lung-lashing delight, and never had I considered not sucking the cancer-stick, until Saturday night. With that lingering notion, I quit, and now I understand how people may have difficulty with a change in habit.

It's like saying "good-bye" to an old friend. One that's seen you through the worst and best of times. But it's a new era, and I'm still young enough to save myself from the cancer. Still, smoking will always be glamorous to me. A calm self indulging super cool, if carried out right. Along with quiting I have an accolade of non-smoker rules.

1) don't smoke for at least a year
2) I am allowed a cigarette after good sex
3) don't have sex just to smoke

Obviously, with the sheer magnitute of pride I possess, along with a life-time subscription to "mind over whatever", it's easy not to smoke. Factually the so called "cravings" aren't so bad. It's true, I could see something like gum being helpful, but c'mon if it's not gum, it the idea of fulfilling a void. So I can't chew gum either. This leaves me to coffee, and believe it or not it's not impossible to have a good cup of coffee and not smoke. In fact, the caffine, relaxes my so called "urges".

Whatever the circumstance, however the mind-set, it's just as the story goes, just gonna have to take it... one day at a time.