I can see them from here. I predict most every move they make.

At the moment, I'm watching a pair of monkeys. Except that they aren't actually monkeys, they're people. But they might as well be monkeys. The way the act, the way they interact, they way they respond... its all so predictable.

They dress to impress each other, somehow thinking that they should need to. I guess they're still going through that beginning period.

They think that all they need is love. Love love love. Love conquers all. They think that true love exists, and they think they have it.

Its really interesting to sit back and watch. They are my monkeys, my observed research subjects, and like any good research subjects, they don't realize it.

And its even more interesting because I used to be friends one of them. Reality entertainment at it¹s finest.

Let them look into each other's eyes and think they see something. They suit each other very well.