Here in Richmond, VA, you are required to have a special license to operate any type of fireworks device. So I thought I'd be so kind as to share a few questions the test for it, so you others interested in obtaining a such a license would get a head start in studying for it.

Question 1:

A Ring Of Fire is in the left lane and is turning left, should your Maximum Power Artillery Blaster :

A. Yield the right-of-way

B. Blow its horn and stop quickly

C. Maintain the posted speed limit

D. Signal and turn right

Question 2:

You are parking your bottle rocket near a fire hydrant. The space you must give the hydrant is at least:

A. 0 feet

B. 10 feet

C. 15 feet

D. 500 feet

Question 3:

You are driving your Alien Lander on an interstate highway when a federally illegal cherry bomb passes you on the shoulder, greatly exceeding the speed limit. Should you:

A. Catch up to it and attempt to pour water on it

B. Blow your horn

C. Get its license number and call 911

D. Replace your speedometer