People who use Windows are horrible people. They aren't even a human. They should have their children taken away. They should be shot on site. They should have no right to vote. They shouldn't be allowed to drive either. All Unix and Mac users should band together and wipe the Earth free of these sub-humans.

Anytime someone writes a node that includes "I use Windows" it should immediately be downvoted, ignore your usual habit of /msg them asking them to fix their node before downvoting. They don't use Linux or BSD or Mac or BeOS. They wouldn't understand. They couldn't understand.

Now I can understand why some conservative PWUW sympathisers would think that "well, maybe if they said "I use Windows" but then quickly added "but I have Linux on my other box!" they could be let off." Don't give in! You must always keep in mind THEY USE WINDOWS!! The worst OS on the market!! They obviously don't have the few days or weeks required to sit in front of your computer hours on end and conquer Unix's learning curve and totally unintuitive interface.

Once again, if you do come across a user who uses Windows, immediately downvote it and request a Nuke for it too. While you're at it, look at their other nodes and downvote them too. Get your friends to help out and hit as many of their nodes as possible.

Everything is no place for people who disagree with our ideas.

And so this writeup's reputation falls further and further away from the positive. People's grasp of satire is pathetic. Heaven forbid the day they stumble upon a copy of Modest Proposal.
Or maybe their browser just doesn't support the <sarcasm> tag.