"What in the world is this?"

Were my first thoughts when seeing the purple box on my coffee table.. I then remembered that my girlfriend had been over when I was out and she has a habit of leaving strange treats for me....

The title on the box read "Fry's Turkish Delight Cakes" and then I remembered why these were slightly significant.

A few weeks ago we had been to a nice Middle Eastern restaurant (Cafe Fez in Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia... highly recommended) and I had mentioned to the table that I was not a fan of real Turkish delight... I only liked the crappy chocolate covered variety they sell at newsagents in the purple wrapping, "Fry's Turkish Delight". The rest of the table chuckled at my lack of culture and proceeded to munch on the 'real' stuff, which had the consistency of a 4 weeks old glob of K-Y Jelly that gets left behind when someone forgets to put the cap back on.... I think then everyone saw my point, Turkish Delight is one of those things that seems like a good idea at the time, but you quickly get over it.

Anyway, back to the purple box.... The name of the food was plastered all over the front of the box, each word in a different font face, size and style*.... very creative.. and with the great tagline "Full of Eastern Promise". Underneath all that was a description of the actual foodstuff "Chocolate Sponge cakes with Turkish Delight flavour topping and covered with Milk Chocolate". I could hardly wait to try these new things.

It was quite hard to open the plastic wrapping around the tray of TDC's, but I finally managed and tried one. Very weird texture, kind of like a very soft cake with goop on the top, all covered in hard chocolate. About the size of a Tim Tam.

The ingredients listing has a whole range of additive codes (322, 433, 440, 163, 471, 475, 202) and not much else, it also informs me that they are "Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers" but "Suitable for vegetarians"... so if I was a vegetarian nut allergy sufferer which one of those statements should I abide by...? I sense a lawsuit coming on.

Well I wouldn't go out of my way to get my hands on these things, but its kind of a fun present to give to a person you think has tried everything.

* 'Frys' - Sans serif, Gold, no drop shadow
'Turkish' - Big, white fancy font, purple drop shadow, upper case
'Delight' - Gold, Serifs, title case
'Cakes' - Upper case, wavy baseline, serif, white