Brother can you spare a cartridge?
Saw a strange sight today... walking through the city (Sydney, Australia) streets around 9 this evening when I found my self walking towards a guy asking for money. Well not actually asking.. he had a Burger King wrapper laid out in front of his sitting spot to collect coins.

Well I guess he's not asking for food money.. even though there were a couple of coins sitting on the wrapper.

Then looking closer at what was in his hands, not the usual "NEED MONEY FOR FOOD + ACCOM" sign, but he had a Gameboy, and he was fully engrossed in whatever he was playing on it, instead of looking emploringly at passers by!

I mean dude, you need to market yourself better.. what were you saving up for? Mario Kart?

3 for $50 => $16.67 each?
The other strange thing that happened was that I went to buy a copy of "This is Spinal Tap" on DVD. It was on a rack that prominently said "3 DVD's for $50". Looking at the selection it referred to, I couldn't see much else I was interested in so I decided to pay the sticker price ($29.95) and get it anyway because I'd been looking for it for a while. Going to the cashier I had $30.00 ready to pay for it and she rung up the price, it came to $16.67. I deftly stuffed the $10 back into my wallet and handed her the money in that "Yeah I knew that, I just like flashing money around" way, thinking maybe I'll be getting away with ripping off this particular department store chain. She either noticed me flailing money about, or caught my quizzical look because she then proceeded to say,

"Oh yeah, that's part of the 3 for $50 deal, they are in the system at that price."

Wow, some system. I just imagine how many people got stuck with a copy of "Stallone:Cobra" and "Deuce Bigalow" and paid $50 thinking they were getting a good deal on the DVD they actually wanted.

(Don't be scared at the prices nice USAians, those are Aussie dollars, and worth less than Steve Irwins first pair of underwear.)