Alright. I live here in Little Rock, on University st.. At any time during the night you can see something going on down here. It's the apex where West Little Rock meets the Heights meets East side and Geyer Springs, otherwise known as 09ville, pronun: "on-nighun-vill".

The secret to this city is people. You must know people. People means parties or get-togethers, means girls, means sex and alcohol, if that's your thing. For the artsy type there's lots of arts centers and cafes. Kavanaugh, and downtown there are lots of places for the artsy southerner. For the partier, you have NiteLife here on University, and Planet Earth, or "scurf", down at the bottom of Cantrel rd. Electric Cowboy is down I-40 in North side right off of the highway. You have the various bars around the city. The most famous are West End on Shackelford and Markham. I've heard of Cousins, and bar/restaurants like Faded Rose. If you are a druggie, have no fear. When I was 16 it was easier to get dope or weed than it was to get cigarettes.

No, the key to this city is a deep social immersion. I see a lot of the more "artsy" types that are real anti-social. They're afraid to go to parties and the uncountable keg-parties and drunken-social parties down the road in Conway, they have never been to a club, and all they like to do is go to a cafe or a place like Vino's or Juanitas and sit with the same boring ass friends as always. Get out there, meet people damnit.