Rainy Day Regatta is the main musical project of Ryan Seaton and Mikael Wood. Once upon a time the name also encompassed Mary Clarendon Mulkey. Then the boys moved from Little Rock to Providence while, I assume, she stayed behind. Live, the boys play two six-string acoustic guitars and sing beautiful, romantic and sometimes melancholy pop songs with beautiful vocal harmonies.

They self-released a one-sided twelve-inch EP in 2000. It is titled living as we do in the midst of so much ordered light and noise. It contains three songs, all of which rank among the most beautiful music I've ever heard. They also released a CD, The Music Is On, through Harlan Records. On record, the music varies a bit from their live approach. The two guitars are augmented by a variety of instruments. They range from violin to piano to saxophone to 'two wine glasses.' These added instruments give the music a classically arranged feel, in the tradition of British folkies such as Nick Drake and Van Morrison.

Seeing the band live for the first time was an amazing experience, in a tiny basement along with maybe a dozen other people. Mikael, particularly, was hilarious, poking fun at some of the scenester kids who frequent the house's shows, and mocking Ryan when he wasn't singing loud enough or messed up a part. The show took place in the basement of the Providence house in which they lived at the time. The occupants of that house are all moving out this summer, 2002, and I have no idea where the Rainy Day boys will end up. They're also planning to release a third record and tour this summer.

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