Backwards is also the title of the third Red Dwarf book, written by Rob Grant, half of the entity known as Grant Naylor. The other half (Doug Naylor) wrote Last Human at the same time as Backwards and they both follow on from Better Than Life. They each decided to write the two books without the other after differences of opinion about what the story line should be.

The book borrows heavily from the TV episode of the same name. The book Starts with the crew (Rimmer, Cat and Kryten - along with a little help from Talkie Toaster(TM)) trying to collect Lister at Niagra Falls after leaving him there for 36 years to return to his original age after the he died (read Better than life for this to make any sort of sense). The book is an excellent read, if slightly confusing at times as you try to follow the backwards jokes and plot. Highly recommended.