Feeder are Grant Nicholas (guitar, vocals), Taka Hirose (bass) Jon Lee was their drummer until 2002, when he was found dead at his home (as mentioned above).

Feeder first formed in Wales in 1992 when Grant and Jon came together and started jamming. Moving to London in 1995 and finding bassist Taka Hirose in musicians wanted ads. Shortly after being signed to the Echo label the band started touring and haven't really stopped during their career.

The band started to gain a following with their release of Swim in 1996 and some of the music press started to take notice of the latest welsh band to hit the scene.

A set of singles previewed the band's full debut album, 'Polythene', released in May 1997. Polythene was awarded the 'Best Album of the Year' award by Metal Hammer magazine. This album captured the bands electric atmosphere which they were becoming known for in their live performances. During the touring they started introducing a new song - 'High' in their sets and it was quickly adopted as the bands anthem. The crowds love for the song quickly caused massive sing alongs. Polythene was reissued in October 97 with 'High' on it, and it was also released as a single. They continued their touring, gaining fans and respect as they went - Grant cracked a cheek bone half way through the tour but continued on regardless.

Feeder returned to the studio (RAK in London) at the end of 1998 to record their second full album - 'Yesterday Went Too Soon'. The album was mixed in the early part of 1999 by Grant and Andy Wallace, who'd previously worked with Nirvana and Slayer on 'Reign in Blood'.

'Yesterday Went Too Soon' produced a number of singles - 'Insomnia', 'Day in Day Out' and 'Waiting for Changes' with the first two gaining top forty chart places in the UK. Feeder continued touring through out 1999 and 2000, finishing with a headlining show at Brixton Academy.

The third album was recorded throughout 2000 and was recorded in Great Linford Mannor in Buckinghamshire with Gil Norton (Pixies and Foo Fighters). The album 'Echo Park' has been their most successful by a long way with the catchy 'Buck Rogers' and 'Just a Day' (released as a bonus track on the reissue of the album), along with 'Seven Days in the Sun' gaining further chart success.

Feeder are planning to continue after the tragic death of Jon, and a new release is planned for the end of 2002.

Discography: Swim(06/96)

  1. Sweet 16
  2. Stereo World
  3. W.I.T
  4. Descend
  5. Shade
  6. Swim

Polythene (05/97)

  1. Polythene Girl
  2. My Perfect Day
  3. Cement
  4. Crash
  5. Radiation
  6. Suffocate
  7. Descend
  8. Stereo World
  9. Change
  10. Tangerine
  11. Waterfall
  12. Forgive
  13. 20th Century Trip
Reissue (10/97) Included High

Yesterday went too soon(08/99)

  1. Insomnia
  2. Picture of Perfect Youth
  3. Yesterday Went Too Soon
  4. Waiting For Changes
  5. Radioman
  6. Day In Day Out
  7. Tinsel Town
  8. You're My Evergreen
  9. Dry
  10. Hole In My Head
  11. So Well
  12. Paperfaces

Echo Park (04/01)
  1. Standing On The Edge
  2. Buck Rogers
  3. Piece By Piece
  4. Seven days in the Sun
  5. We Can't Rewind
  6. Turn
  7. Choke
  8. Oxygen
  9. Tell your Friends
  10. Under the Weather
  11. Satellite News
  12. Bug
Reissue included Just a day