MC GQ is internationally known as one of the UK's finest MC's.

MC GQ made his name in the early 80's with the Acid House movement in London. He was flicking out rhymes for the likes of Franky Bones and Tony Trax. His focus has moved over the years to the drum n bass scene, performing with big names like Kenny Ken, DJ Hype, and Mickey Finn.

MC GQ is loved by DJ's, because of his style adds to the music, not take away. While some MC's just toast to the crowd, or others randomly rhyme over the beats, MC GQ keeps it smooth. He adds to the intro, lets the music grow and then drops in at the right time. Just enough to keep the flow.

Some of my favorite tracks w/ GQ:

MC GQ won the HardCore Dance Award for best MC in 1996, and you know what? He deserved it, MC GQ is one of the best (if not THE best) jungle (or did I mean drum n bass?) MC around.