Scooter (Work in Progress)

 What:  Scooter is a reasonably hardcore German Techno (Call it what you will) Band.
 When:  Scooter began in and around 1993.
 Who:   Scooter is:
Sheffield Dave, formerly H.P. Baxxter, born Hans-Peter Geerdes… whew. Rick J. Jordan born Hendrik Stadler Axel Coon who REPLACED Ferris Bueller in 1998
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It’s Nice To Be Important But It’s More Important To Be Nice.

Here’s a complete Discography, don’t expect me to flesh it out fully in any reasonable time. Feel free to lend a hand, as it were.

Scooter Albums:

And the Beat Goes On! (1995)
Our Happy Hardcore ( 1996)
Wicked! (1996)
Age of Love (1997)
Rough and tough and dangerous - the singles 1994-1998 (1997)
No Time To Chill (1998)
No Time To Chill X-Mas Edition (1998)
No Time To Chill Limited Fan Edition (1999)
Back To The Heavyweight Jam (1999)
Back To The Heavyweight Jam - Fuck The Millennium Edition (1999)
Sheffield (2000)

Scooter Singles:

Vallé De Larmes
Hyper Hyper
Hyper Hyper Remix
Move Your Ass
Move Your Ass Remix
Move Your Ass EP!
Move Your Ass Vinyl
Endless Summer
Endless Summer Remix
Let Me Be Your Valentine
Let Me Be Your Valentine Remixes
Back in Ireland
Back in the U.K.
Back in the U.K. Remix
Rebel Yell
I'm Raving
I'm Raving Remixes
Break It Up
Fire – Remixes
Age of Love
Age of Love – Remixes
No Fate
How Much Is The Fish?
We Are The Greatest / I Was Made For Lovin' You
Call Me Mañana
Faster Harder Scooter '99
Fuck The Millenium
I'm Your Pusher
She's The Sun

And the Beat Goes on!