Must stay not allow their mocking encourage your rage...

I honestly hate the scum who ride on the bus with me. Kids from Central Middle School and Riverdale High both find it really amusing to mess with me. They play with my The Red Star hat, pull on my long hippie-ish hair, and yank the string that my ankh hangs on. Well today I snapped. Someone yanked at my ankh necklace and I turned around in fury, screaming "DAMNIT KNOCK IT OFF!!"

The rest of the bus ride was spent with those around me teasing me (in hushed tones, they must of thought I couldn't here them) about my displat of rage and my use of only one swear word.

When I got off, my friend Emily (you know her by now, don't you? :P ), my neighbor (and my sister's friend) Mellissa, and my sister both asked if I was ok. I told them I was alright, that I was under control again.

I am fine now, honest, but I swear these kids will treat you like shit if you don't listen to Kid Rock or like the WWF. To any kdis out there listening to this, don't be like the assholes on that bus: be tollerant of people who look and sound different than may be suprised to find that you have something in common (stranger things have happened.)