Red Star Industries
The Little Propaganda Factory Around The Block

Established in 1999 by Matthew Adair, RSI is a small company that does nearly everything immaginable, from stamping out stickers, burning CDs, creating websites, etc. You name it, we do it. RSI's mission is to Encourage Dissent - through our vast media technologies, we encourage people to go against the flow, march to the beat of their own drum, write the book their get the idea. No idea is thrown out, as long as it is honest and tolerant. No extreemism here, no sir-ee.

There will be no revolution. There will be an election instead.


  • The Red Star - Open, student edited newspaper for Riverdale High. Currently on hiatus as I have lost my mind.
  • CD Stamping
  • - You want a CD? You want it badly? Pay me a dollar to cover the cost of a disc and I'll stamp out whatever songs you want in a neat little package!
  • Everything: The Movie - 'Nuff Said.