A Unix command that prints out a Network Information Service (NIS) map.

/usr/bin/ypcat -k -t -d MapName


  • -k Displays the keys for those maps in which the values are null or for which the key is not part of the value. (None of the maps derived from files that have an ASCII version in the /etc directory fall into this class.)
  • -t Indicates that the name specified by the MapName parameter is not a nickname. This flag causes the ypcat command to bypass the nickname translation table and search only for the map specified by the MapName parameter.
  • -d DomainName Searches the specified domain for the specified map.
  • -x Displays the nickname translation table. This table lists the map nicknames the command knows of and indicates the map name (as specified by the MapName parameter) associated with each nickname.

Probably the most well-known use of ypcat is to get the /ect/passwd file on systems with poor security: ypcat passwd.

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