A phenomenon encountered among dishwashers, waiters, and other people who work in the restaurant and food service business. Frequently encountered among fast food employees. Basically, the idea is that even if you work somewhere you will get to see all the bad stuff that goes on behind the scenes and you don't want to eat there anymore. However, I've also encoutered it among the dishwashers at the banquet hall where I used to work. The food was fine, the kitchen was cleaner then the one in my house, but after a while you just didn't want to eat there anymore. I think it might have to do with seeing the food while you're washing the dishes or clearing the plates, after other people have been picking at it and it's sat out for a while. Food, regardless of how good it might have been to start with, looks bad by the time it gets back to the dishwashers, and I think that image sticks with people until they just don't want to eat there. Of course, in fast food places and the dining halls where I used to work, you didn't want to eat there because you became aware of how greasy and nasty the food really was, and you became aware of the fact that corners are going to be cut anytime you try and feed a lot of people in a short amount of time.

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