Roughly analogous to yucky, yicky conveys a subtly increased level of disgust compared to its peer.

Though chiefly used by young women and small children, anyone can apply yicky as long as certain conventions are observed:

  1. Don't intensify
    Resist the urge to add words like "very", "extremely", or (heaven forbid) "mad", or "way". Doing so reveals you as a rank amateur in the proper deployment of yicky.
  2. Don't combine like terms
    Appending or prepending synonyms like "yucky", "gross", "grody", "barfalicious" or "pewey" to yicky can only bring shame to the inexpert speaker. See examples below.
  3. Don't rhyme
    Similarly, under no circumstances should you indulge in any rhyming with the word yicky. Rhymes are dangerous sport to begin with, but in conjunction with yicky...well, no good can come of that. See examples below for the horrific and embarrassing results.


    "I found a wad of gum stuck to my butt."
    "I found a wad of monkeys stuck to my butt."
    "That's mad yicky, yo*."
    "I found a wad of gum stuck to my monkey's butt."
    "That's grody yicky."
    "I found a wad of gummy butts stuck to my monkey."
    "Eww. That's yicky-sticky."

* For some reason, using "mad" as an intensifier intrinsically links to the word "yo", which must be prepended immediately before terminal punctuation in the afflicted sentence. Mad strange, yo.

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