Xan"thic (?), a. [Gr. xanthos yellow: cf. F. xanthique.]


Tending toward a yellow color, or to one of those colors, green being excepted, in which yellow is a constituent, as scarlet, orange, etc.

2. (Chem.)


Possessing, imparting, or producing a yellow color; as, xanthic acid.


Of or pertaining to xanthic acid, or its compounds; xanthogenic.


Of or pertaining to xanthin.

Xanthic acid (Chem.), a heavy, astringent, colorless oil, C2H5O.CS.SH, having a pungent odor. It is produced by leading carbon disulphide into a hot alcoholic solution of potassium hydroxide. So called from the yellow color of many of its salts. Called also xanthogenic acid. --
Xanthic colors (Bot.), those colors (of flowers) having some tinge of yellow; -- opposed to cyanic colors. See under Cyanic.


© Webster 1913

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