A yellow, crystalline material that is used as a fungicide. It is the central structure of the fluorescein, eosin and rhodamine dyes.

Synonyms:tricyclic diphenylenemethane oxide, tricyclic dibenzopyran


Melting point (C):100.5

Boiling Point (C):315

Analysis: Soluble in ether and slightly soluble in ethanol or water.

Taken from MFA Boston Art Materials Encyclopedia Online

Xan"thine (?), n. Also Xan"thin . [Gr. xanqo`s yellow.] (Physiol. Chem.)

A white microcrystalline nitrogenous compound, C5H4O2N4, present in muscle tissue, in the liver, spleen, pancreas, and other organs, and also in urine (in small quantities) and some urinary calculi, and in the juices of certain plants; -- so called because it leaves a yellow residue when evaporated to dryness with nitric acid. Xanthine is closely related to uric acid.


© Webster 1913

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