Mom talked me into it. OK? That is the first, and most honest answer to what happened and how I ended up on the stupid bus in the first place. She and some friends had booked this senior citizen bus trip up to Orlando to see the latest addition to Disney. Mom really can't drive much anymore and she was prepared to go with friends 'cept one of them had some back problems and the trip was nonrefundable so she thought I should go.

I don't like big public places, you know that, right? 10 thousand sweaty tourists and all that concrete YUCK. I don't really go to malls except at the holidays. But Mom started with the usual guilt trip express-about being left by her friends, about how we never travel now that Dad is gone (she never says dead she always says gone, like he left town for a while. I need to leave town for a while, but whatever).

So, we are on this bus for what is supposed to be three hours but turns into five because of stops at do-dad shoppes and various other detours. When we finally pull in to the hotel I notice that the driver is not the usual 70 pound overweight heavy smoker. He is about my age, probably younger. He must be younger because he has clean hair and sharp features. All good looking guys are younger than me now, because I am officially an old maid now that I am 31 and never married.

He looks past the 20 silver haired ladies demanding that he get their luggage First! and stares at me; through me . In the lobby, later, he walks up to me and hands me a diet Coke, moist from the humidity (he has a Dew).

You look like you could use this-hey, did you get demoted or something?

Yes, I said, or No, or thanks. I rarely find the right words to say in the right order. It is most likely I said all of those words as one sentence. He smiles and and tosses his head back-cocky. I hate that. But, of course, I also like that. Jeez. What do I say now? No matter, he keeps at it.

Maybe you are helping someone-your Grandmother, maybe? Cool. That's nice. Do you eat Chinese? There's a place within walking-could you go later?

He's talking to me like we conversed for hours. As if we are friends now and we have gotten to know each other prior to these request. Where does he get off? But that's not what I said of course. What I said was this:

I don't ..well, Maybe, My Mom, I mean, yeah, maybe--can you wait around for an answer or..I mean you seem in a hurry..sorry...I mean...

and what he said, which was the last straw if you will, or at least the thing that broke my will was:

Oh, it's fine, I can wait. I waited four hours to talk to you and find out what was behind those glasses. I can wait a little longer. Finish your soda, I'll be here.

She was pretty enough I suppose. My best friend (and boss) asked me to keep her occupied while she was visiting this week. She was his niece. She had some "issues" with her boyfriend back north. She had flown down to Miami to have some time to think about whether he was really the one for her or not. Bob wanted me to spend time with her to help her with her "decision".

Bob and I ran these weekend tours to Orlando once a month. Usually it was full of retired couples wanting to spend time at Disney World. Same old trip each time, it was starting to lose it's flavor. Nice money but same old, same old. This weekend suddenly looked more promising. I was ready for her before she even stepped onto the bus. I made sure that the only seat available for her was the one next to mine.

She appeared nervous. I did my bit welcoming the passengers and lightened things up with a few bad jokes. She smiled for a moment but covered her mouth with her hand self-consciously. I turned on the charm for her benefit telling her she shouldn't hide her smile.

I settled down next to her while Bob took over for the next half hour trying to make her feel comfortable. I had a few hours to warm her up. Bob had the rooms booked at his hotel already. Who was I to question him assigning her to my room? She was over 18 after all. She was pretty in a quiet sort of way, not dropdead gorgeous but not butt ugly either. I didn't mind helping her out at all.

There was no doubt in my mind where this weekend was going to go. I had an assignment. I was going to help her make her decision by tempting her. I already knew she found me attractive. I could see it in her eyes. I could feel it in her tremble as my leg brushed up against hers in the seat. I had her loosened up in no time.

At the hotel, I suggested we go swimming in the heated pool. There was only her, I, and the moon. I played around with her a while, throwing her into the water. She looked breathtaking in that white macrame bikini with her hair swirling around her in the water and the pool light surrounding her like a halo. She shrieked with laughter as I attempted to grab her ankles and pull her down. She swam away quickly. I took up the chase as we played cat and mouse. When I "caught" her, her laughter stopped. Her breath quickened. Her eyes darkened. She gnawed awkwardly on her lower lip. It was time to make my move. I drew her close and ever so smoothly, kissed her.

I felt her mouth tremble beneath mine before she fully participated in the kiss. At the moment, I did not want her returning North. I wanted her to choose me. I took her hand and led her out of the pool, dripping back to our room. She followed without hesitation. I knew that her decision had been made.

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