You leave me alone, wrestling with the unknown
You do not know
What you do.

You leave me to be, in a bad place,
You do not know
What you do.

I can see what you are,
When no one's around.
You're unsure, you're scared,
You're running alone,
Holding yourself
Because no one else will
And you know it..

But when you're with me
You're perfect.

at least you think so.. in your little world..

It isn't alright,
The devil's the night
You're scared alone and you know it.

I'm drunk again, but smarter than you
Even though I really don't KNOW it.

You'll prove it to me, again and again
That you are only forever
What you do

You are destruction..
You are a lie..
You do not know what you do.

You're lies reek of shit,
Your bed's full of spit,
You have no idea
What you've done

I pray that one day
You will wake from your slumber
And know what you are
And what you are not
And who you have stepped on


It's all what you do.

and I don't like it

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