in a world of jets and cars
i choose to fly with my arms
    (long thumb + flight feather)
    and ride aluminum and chain on the shoulder
not to reinvent the wheel per se
but to more fully experience the wheel
and through it, the world.

you may take the six hour flight to California
but i have seen wasps mating in a ditch
in front of an abandoned(?) farmhouse,
skeletal trees and fields and rusting tractor.

i have walked up hills because my muscles
refused to turn the pedals, i have entered
a church for the water fountain, i have
broken bread on the side of the highway.

they say Steve Jobs wanted to call the Mac
"the Bicycle" but i think the name fits another
operating system. process over product. (pun discovery!)
something he would have understood.

a professor of mine would ask why
i was thinking about compilers.
implementing some simple database.
"That problem has been solved."

why does a child shake a rattle?

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