“Hey, hey . . ?”

I cannot remember what we were talking about, Aaron and I, but it was late on a Friday night,
and we were walking home from a long evening of gaming. We are both rather tired.
On the very block of our house we pass these two kids on the sidewalk.
They, nodding and smiling at some secret comment, split to pass on either side of us.

This kid passing on the left, he gives me a forearm in the neck, misses my windpipe.
From Aaron’s right, a punch lands just in front of his ear.
The delinquents take off running and giggling.

”That wasn’t very funny.”
”Hmm. No, not funny at all.”

I tell myself I should have noticed something odd.
I tell myself that there was something odd I almost noticed.
I tell myself that my spider sense was awry.
I tell myself that those kids were too young to have muscles and too inexperienced to land a hit.
I tell myself that they were lucky they ran off.
I tell myself that we were lucky they ran off.
I tell myself Mr. Miyagi would have just roughed them up a bit.

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