On November 20, 2001, in an article in the New York Times about the growing trade deficit between Japan and China, I was surprised to find a quote from a wasejo regarding the growing importance of China to Japan.

Usually you would find a wasejo hanging around Takada No Baba station, hanging out, or drinking in an izakaya or bar: all around just wasting time. Like most good persons of her age group do.

But this above mentioned wasejo is being quoted in the New York Times. She is studying Chinese because she forsees the growing interdependence of the economies of these two great countries and she wants to play a part in it.

A wasejo is a female student of Waseda University. The wasejo name comes from the first 2 kanji for the university plus the on reading for the kanji for woman.

The aidoru/actress/singer Ryoko Hirosue is a proud wasejo.

The current Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Makiko Tanaka, is a proud former wasejo.

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